Dating again: starting afresh (60)


Sometimes life sent thing your way that you never could envision.

It is as if I am walking down a tunnel and I find that people have been on a similar journey to mine but only in another tunnel parallel to mine. In all of these tunnels obstacles have been placed to test us and we must try to negotiate our way over and around it successfully. At some point the tunnels turn away and everyone go into a different direction, it all depends on how we negotiated those obstacles.

I find myself nowadays at a very good and wonderful place, full of peace and joy; a place of contentment. At the same time it feels as if I am on a stage from where I can see how the other people’s lives are who were once on a similar path than me; that had to negotiate similar obstacles and failed.

And I feel sad; life should be easy and life should be something we enjoy and be on top of; we should be conquerors but very few people are.

I’ve come to the conclusion that good choices when things are rough is just as important as making good choices when things are good, of course it is much harder to do the right thing when things are tough but getting there, getting it right is where the turning point lies.

Our darkest moments can become our most significant moments of victory!

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