Dating again: Love at first sight (1)

There is a road everyone has to walk,

some or another time;

for some, it is easy; and for some,

it is almost unbearable:

when you have been hurt to the point

were the only thing you can do is run away and hide

deep within yourself,

not knowing if you will ever be able to climb out again;

deciding that living life with something missing

is a far better price to pay than to get hurt again;

not realizing that, in this way, you lock up a piece of who you are;

for the road out of hiding is a hard one;

but the walk is worth taking!


Yes, you guessed it, I successfully started to date again and I count myself very lucky as it was thus far a very positive experience, because, believe me, I know, it could be a nightmare.

Seeing forward to tell you about what I learned!

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