My year of celibacy: A love affair with myself (52)




So here is the question: When to date again?

Of course it is wonderful to be in love. The feeling that you are floating, you actually can’t function properly, you’re head feels like cotton wool and all the parts of your body feels as if it is separated from each other. Not to talk about the pins and needles that you have to bare, the inability to sleep, that you can’t stop smiling and can’t think of anything else than him!

The mystery of it all is that it is unexplainable why some people have no effect on you while others can cause you to ‘loose it’, just because they exist. Even at a distance they can cause you to start shaking and loose all your brain cells in an instance. At close proximity they have the power to cause you to be lost to society for several days thereafter.

To summarize; some people can transform you into a blubbering blob.

That of course takes us to the next questions; are we suppose to find love or is love suppose to find us and is love a heart thing or a mind thing?

I heard the most beautiful love story (and I am a sucker for love stories). These two young people fell madly in love with each other but he didn’t live up to her parent’s expectations and was forbidden to see her. They felt they couldn’t live without each other and secretly continued to see one another. Fuelled by their long absents and their longing for each other their relationship eventually developed into a sexual relationship. Of course the inevitable happened and she fell pregnant. When her parents found out, they whisked her away, placed her in a home for unwed mothers-to-be, they packed up house and moved. He was heart broken but couldn’t find them and never knew what happened, he didn’t even know that she was pregnant and that he had a baby girl. Two difficult and broken marriages later and in his fifties, he received a call, on the other end of the line someone enquired if he would be willing to meet his daughter. That was how he found out about her existence. That is also how he came in contact with the love of his youth again. When he met her again he immediately felt all the emotions he felt so long ago. (I also love beautiful endings.) They got married and today they are the two happiest people I know and they’ve already been married for almost twenty years.

So yes, I don’t fully understand love and I (unfortunately) don’t have all the answers but I still believe in love and I will date again but for now I know that everything is exactly the way it should be!

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  1. Erika Cronje says:

    I agree, even after distasterous relationships, I am still a sissy for a romantic story and a happy ending. I have to admit I am reluctant to get involved again as I really do not want to go through a break-up again. But is this a good reason not to get involved? I trust God and have put this into His hands as I have proved that I am not so hot at choosing the right man!! :-) But I am still a sucker for a good love story and always will be and one never knows what the future may hold…….

  2. You’re right on target.

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